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Fairy Max Power Liquid - Lemon 370ml

Fairy Max Power Liquid - Lemon 370ml
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Are you looking for an effective and economical dishwashing liquid? Then the Max Power Lemon dishwashing liquid 0.37 l from FAIRY is just right for you. With its fresh lemon note, it not only ensures sparkling clean dishes, but also leaves a pleasant scent in your kitchen.

Thanks to FAIRY's high-quality formulation, you can rely on powerful cleaning. Stubborn dirt, grease and food residue are easily removed so that your dishes will shine again in no time. Even dried residues are not a problem.

Thanks to the economical formula, a small amount of Max Power Lemon detergent is enough to clean a large amount of dishes. Not only will you save time, but you will also save money as you can last longer with one bottle.

Convince yourself of the quality and performance of the Max Power Lemon dishwashing liquid 0.37 l from FAIRY. Buy it now and experience sparkling clean dishes like never before! 

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