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Magnesium Penta 100 tabl. / 58g

Magnesium Penta 100 tabl. / 58g
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Versatile Magnesia Penta contains magnesium in five different compounds that act on different parts of the intestine. Thanks to this, magnesium is absorbed efficiently and acts on the body for a long time. Magnesium is an important mineral especially for the nervous system, heart and muscles. It helps reduce fatigue and exhaustion, promotes normal nervous system and muscle function, and protein synthesis.

Magnesium is also an important building block for bones and teeth. The need for magnesium may increase e.g. during stress, sweating, as a result of heavy physical work, malabsorption, and heavy alcohol consumption. Lack of magnesium causes muscle weakness and fatigue. Magnesium is considered to be nature's own nervous system sedative. Lactose-free, yeast-free, unsweetened and gluten-free food supplement.

Does not contain ingredients of animal origin. Ingredients: Magnesium acetyl taurate *, Magnesium bisglycinate **, Magnesium glycerophosphate *, Magnesium hydroxide *, Magnesium malate *, Plant-based capsule shell E 464, Surface treatment E 470b * (EU) ** (non-EU) Dosage: 2-4 capsules per day with liquid Daily dose 2-4 capsules. contain: Magnesium 187.

5 - 375 mg (50-100%) * * the daily intake reference value. The recommended daily dose should not be exceeded. The supplement is not a substitute for a varied and balanced diet or a healthy lifestyle. Keep out of reach of children. Country of manufacture: Finland.

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