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Fritt Chewy Candy Lemon 70g

Fritt Chewy Candy Lemon 70g
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Product description

Fritt Chewy Candy Lemon 70g  

Ingredients :

Glucose syrup, sugar, vegetable fats (palm, coconut), gelatine, acidulants (citric acid), lemon juice powder (0.5%), vitamin C, natural citrus fruit aroma, coloring agent (curcumin). 

Nutriton facts 100 g     Energy value 1692 kJ   Energy value 401 kcal   Fat 8,50 g   of which saturated fatty acids 5,70 g   Carbohydrates 79 g   of which sugar 50 g   Protein 2 g   Salt (=Sodium x 2.

5) 0,01 g