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Gama washing pods 4in1 Color & Dark 60'sc

Gama washing pods 4in1 Color & Dark 60'sc
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Gel-capsules for laundry Gama 4in1 Colors&Darks (for color and dark speeches) 60pcs Gama 4in1 gel-caps for washing is an innovative compact laundry detergent.

Now you do not need to buy washing powder, fabric softener, stain remover and washing machine protector.

Just 1 capsule of Gama is enough. Due to its high concentration, with a weight of only 27g, 1 capsule replaces: 65 g of washing powder, 25 g of conditioner, 15 g of stain remover and 12 g of anticalc, and saves your budget.

Gama 4in1 Colors&Darks is suitable for colored and dark fabrics.

The special improved formula of gel capsules prevents the formation of pellets and washing out of color from clothes.

Therefore, your things stay new longer.

Note! Colored, white and black items should be washed separately to avoid staining. 




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