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Ambi Pur toilet cleaner gel White Flower 750ml

Ambi Pur toilet cleaner gel White Flower 750ml
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  • Manufacture countryUnited Kingdom

Product description

Ambi Pur toilet gel is a specially developed product for cleaning and refreshing toilets.
Its formula is based on disinfectant ingredients that effectively remove bacteria and unpleasant odors, leaving a pleasant floral aroma.
This product is easy to use - simply apply it to the surface of the toilet bowl and then rinse.
Ambi Pur Gel is characterized by a delicate, floral scent that not only masks unpleasant odors, but also gives the room a pleasant atmosphere of freshness and cleanliness.
The main advantage of White Flowers Gel is its effectiveness in removing dirt, disinfecting surfaces and providing a pleasant scent in the toilet.
The product formula penetrates and removes even difficult to remove stains and deposits, leaving a clean and refreshed surface. 

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