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Sence Bamboo Dental Floss 50mtr

Sence Bamboo Dental Floss 50mtr
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Product description

Floss a smile on your face with our sustainable Sence Bamboo Dental Floss. This mint-waxed floss grabs all dirty stuff from teeth. The plastic-free packaging makes it one of the best eco-friendly alternatives to add to your dental routine.

Sence Bamboo
Upgrade the way you look after your teeth with Sence Bamboo. This vegan collection features floss picks and brushes made from plastic-free materials and offers an eco-friendly alternative to your dental

How to use
Hold 3 to 5 cm of floss tightly between your fingers. Move the floss up and down along the surface of the tooth. Remember to floss the back of each tooth as well, and be careful not to reach your gums. Use a new piece of floss with each tooth. 

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